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Hotel Makeover: Top 10 transformations at our Adirondack Lodge

In 2021, Hotel Mountain Brook was acquired by {verdigreen} hotels, and the design renovations began! Over the course of two years our team transformed the hunter’s style lodge to a rustic-chic destination. Below we’ve compiled the Top Ten of our favorite updates within the main spaces, the cabins, and the three bedroom suite.

1. The Lobby

Painting the orange-lacquered wood panels was certainly a bold move, but we were confident on the impact this design choice would have on the space. What was a dark, monotone space that seemed considerably flat, transitioned into a striking, high contrast welcome. With additions to a statement leather chandelier and an authentic mica border, this space certainly went from ‘drab to fab’! Not shown is the vaulted wood ceiling, left in tact, because it is a beautiful woodgrain in a natural, non-orangey tone.

2. The Dining Area

Once cluttered with faux log furniture and chairs, the Dining Area is now breezy and open, filled with luxurious swivel chairs, modern seats, and marble tabletops. There’s space to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. There were 6 different colors of wood in here and the space closed in on you prior to the renovations. We really highlighted the gorgeous woodwork on the ceiling by painting the walls.

3. The Lounge

Adjacent to the Dining Area is the Lounge, a cozy area in front of the stone wall fireplace. The set up stayed similar to what was there before, but we upgraded the furniture with a plush leather sofa and modern arm chairs in lower profiles so the scene can be enjoyed from all corners of the room.

4. The Bar

We replaced the original shelving with a built-in lock&key cabinet bar, holding all the glasses, canned cocktails, and single serve liquors that are available for purchase. Below the counter we installed stylish leather swivel stools that can be tucked underneath for a cleaner look. Our innkeeper Ryan gets the credit for the bar area, almost entirely his design and craftsmanship!

5. The Game Room

To enhance the concept of the room where guests could check out games, books, and dvds, we incorporated vintage game-room elements like the shuffleboard, a foosball table, and vintage game boards on the back wall (not shown here). The wood paneling in this room was original and really beautiful but felt camouflaged against the similar tone walls. We painted the walls our branded green and painted the ceiling tiles in a fun chartreuse to liven up the space. We also added more lighting as the entire property felt dark prior to the renovation. Since there are games, books, movies and snacks in this space, we call it the "Choose Your Own Adventure" room to go along with our Literary Lodge theme.

6. The Rose

A stunning before/after comparison in our private cottage, The Rose. We opened up the space by brightening the walls with white paint, incorporated a romantic feel with an artisan statement book wall, and designed with an intentional color palette in mind to achieve the end results. This cabin was based off of an old Scottish poem and we wanted it to feel romantic and unique.

7. The Raven | Living Area

A similar set up, with upgraded high-backed arm chairs with individual foot stools. Painting the walls, swapping the lighting, and creating visual interest based on the concept of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe really provided character to this cabin.

8. The Raven | Bedroom Area

In this space there are new furnishings, lighting fixtures, and a designated desk area. A statement book-page wall was installed behind the bed, and next to it is a hand-stenciled wall featuring original art pieces. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out and it's one of our guests favorite experiences on property.

9. Many Trails | Upstairs Hallway

A small space can make a big impact. To brighten this tight hallway, we painted everything white and added new overhead lighting. The stairwell was so tall, with a wide wall stretching to the back. We added a pop of color with a hand woven tapestry, giving an intentional focal piece to the area. Many Trails is our homage to the First Nations people who lived in Tannersville before it was "settled" so most of our decor was informed by that concept.

10. Many Trails | Living Room

Last on this list is the Living Room transformation of the three-bedroom apartment on property. Instead of a corner couch, sleek seating and a multi-functional coffee table was added. A modern table and benches were incorporated into the Dining Area, with a faux fireplace set across form it, making the space have a cozier atmosphere.This room is based off the Green Turtle clan of the Mohican people, so there is artwork that gives a water wave vibe, pops of green, and a calming, grounding aesthetic.

We hope you enjoyed this series of before & after photos. A separate blog post will feature the Top Ten Interior Transformations, so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading,

The Mountain Brook Team

Looking to come back to town? Try staying at one of our sister properties upstate in East Chatham and Woodstock with {verdigreen} hotels .

Remember to follow Hotel Mountain Brook on Instagram and Facebook, and tell us about your stay over at Trip Advisor. We look forward to hosting your next upstate getaway!

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