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Spring Awakening

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

There is something about the first daffodil blooms emerging from the snow that gives us major Spring fever! Although we have several more weeks of Upstate New York style Winter to endure, the saturated purple blooms give us a sense of hope that Spring is on the horizon, as is a sunnier outlook.

If you haven't visited our Adirondack lodge hotel in Tannersville, New York, is the time! The sun is shining on longer days, the town isn't yet bustling with life so you can shop and dine at your own pace, and there are signs of Spring on the mountainside.

We are in the midst of changing ownership from Amy and Terrence to Azie and Travis...both families with a passion for hospitality. Amy and Terrence are pursuing opening their own restaurant in town and Azie and Travis are the couple behind the boutique brand {verdigreen} hotels and residences.

We look forward to many other seasons at Hotel Mountain Brook, enjoying all that this beautiful mountainside lodge has to offer and making memories in Tannersville together.

Follow along next week to see the next transformation! We hope you enjoy seeing the Before and After pics as much as we do. Come visit us at The Mountain Book Hotel in the Catskills to experience the vibe yourself.

Thank you for reading,

The Mountain Brook Team

Looking to come back to town? Try staying at one of our sister properties upstate in East Chatham and Woodstock with {verdigreen} hotels .

Remember to follow Hotel Mountain Brook on Instagram and Facebook, and tell us about your stay over at Trip Advisor. We look forward to hosting your next upstate getaway!

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