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What's on the Menu: The Bar at Hotel Mountain Brook

Upstate New York is a haven for great wineries and breweries. Even though there are plenty of fabulous locations to visit in person, you won’t even need to leave our property to taste many of the best brews the area has to offer.

In the Dining Room, the bar displays our selection of alcoholic beverages available for purchase (for those 21+). We do have glasses & ice buckets as a complimentary service, but since all beverages comes canned, you have the option of popping the top and sip directly from the source! Guests can sit at the bar stools, spread out into the lounge, or cozy up in front of the stone wall fireplace while enjoying a fresh beverage.

Our team prides itself on curating the best wines, beers, and canned cocktails for our discerning guests. Each distillery is locally sourced, calling New York State home. Below we’ve broken down our house selections:


Produced by Lieb Cellars, Bridge Lane is a small farm winery in Long Island, NY. The vineyard sustainably grows grapes & produces high-quality, unique dry wines. Each small batch is crafted by their in-house team that believes in that wine is for casual sipping and sharing with friends. We carry a selection of Bridge Lane’s Red Blend, Rosé, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.


Okay, we admit - our selection of bubbly is the exception to the ‘locally sourced’ collection, but we all know the best Prosecco comes from Italy. The house selection is Prosecco by La Marcia, a world renowned company that still produces its wines through local growers in the Prosecco capital of Italy, Treviso.

For those who’d like something a little more crisp on the palette, we recommend a bottle of Cava by Friex Brut. Each batch of Freixenet’s grapes are harvested by hand and produced in Catalunya, Spain, procured through a vigorous fermentation, clarification, and aging process.


West Kill Brewing is a company that believes in having a focus on locally grown flavors. West Kill set their roots on a historic, 127 acre dairy farm that serves as their orchard, distillery, and taproom location. The foundations of every brew incorporate elements of locally forged ingredients like in-house wood-fired maple sap, locally harvested honey, cherries from the on-site orchard, hand-foraged thyme, and yeast cultivated from the Spruceton Valley. While the taproom is only a 33 minute drive from Hotel Mountain Brook, you can taste a wide range of brews without leaving property. Listed below is our house selection of beer from West Kill Brewing:

IPAs: Kaaterskill IPA

Lagers: Buckfever Vienna Lager, Brookie American Lager, Furbearing Trout French Lager, Mircroclimate India Pale Lager, Walt’s Vice American Lager

Ale: Saphouse Maple Brown Ale, Juniper Ridge Farmhouse Ale, Bicknell’s Thrush Pale Ale, Bury The Hatchet Hazy Pale Ale

Leona Saison (not featured above).


With roots as a Brewing Company, Southern Tier expanded into a distillery after being granted a “Farm Distiller’s” License for New York State in 2015. With firm beliefs in a ‘farm to glass distillery’ method, just about 90% of their entire product comes from their local farms. They have a tasting room on property where customers can taste samples from the tap. All of our canned cocktails are sourced from Southern Tier Distillery; the current selection includes canned cocktails of Vodka Madras, Vodka Citrus, Whiskey Mule, and Bourbon Smash.

For those pining for something stronger, we carry a small variety of fine liquors.

Cooperstown Distillery produces a full line of spirits using high quality artisanal distilling practices and New York State grains. Visitors to their Railroad Avenue Distillery can partake in a “grain to bottle” experience, taking a guided tour and sampling in the tasting room. Our guests can experience a taste of what Cooperstown Distillery has to offer through our selection of their Bourbon and Vodka.

Hotel Mountain Brook offers mini bottles of Bourbon by Woodford Reserve and a Bourbon Cream by Buffalo Trace, both of which are not locally sourced in New York (but made the list anyway for their quality and variety to the collection).

With so much to choose from on property, you could host your very own ‘tasting room’. Make an event of it! Curate a cheese board or order food locally and bring it back to the property to dine in front of the fireplace. Sample a variety of beverages or savor one drink, enjoying every last drop.

For those history buffs, you may already know that the original lodge built in the 1940s on our property had its very own distillery in the basement! The property was then known as the Hye-Land Motel and Hotel and they created a small batch, Armenian whiskey by the same name. We can't claim our beverages to be as hyper local as basement-distilled, but we love sharing this piece of our origin story.

We hope you enjoyed this beverage review. Thank you for reading.

The Mountain Brook Team

Looking to come back to town? Try staying at one of our sister properties upstate in East Chatham and Woodstock with {verdigreen} hotels .

Remember to follow Hotel Mountain Brook on Instagram and Facebook, and tell us about your stay over at Trip Advisor. We look forward to hosting your next upstate getaway!

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