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The Rose

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

{the journey}

Here's our visual depiction of the transformation:


The cabins on our property are separate from the two main lodges so we took some creative liberties with the interior design to offer our guests something fresh. We were inspired by the romanticist poets, wanting each space to serve as a unique experience.

Inspired by Robert Burns' poem 'A Red Red Rose', our cabin, The Rose, is a real passion project. When our owner, Azie, was a vocalist, one of her warm-up songs was "A Red Red Rose" and she has fond memories of the pretty, whimsical melody wafting through the dormers of her maestra's home. Read the original poem (song) below and take a look at its transformation.

A Red Red Rose

O my Luve is like a red, red rose

That’s newly sprung in June;

O my Luve is like the melody

That’s sweetly played in tune.

So fair art thou, my bonnie lass,

So deep in luve am I;

And I will luve thee still, my dear,

Till a’ the seas gang dry.

Till a’ the seas gang dry, my dear,

And the rocks melt wi’ the sun;

I will love thee still, my dear,

While the sands o’ life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only luve!

And fare thee weel awhile!

And I will come again, my luve,

Though it were ten thousand mile.



The cabin was charming "as is" but after almost a decade of heavy use, the furniture needed some refreshing. First, to brighten the space and create visual contrast, we painted the walls white and the wainscoting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Athenian Black. Doing so helped highlight the beautifully crafted, natural wood ceiling and enhance the existing architecture of the room. Next, to tell the story (pun intended) of our "literary lodge," we decoupaged old book pages to the headboard wall to act as a wallpaper, anchoring the bed. Then, Chelsea (our artist in residence) hand painted a rose mural as the centerpiece above the bed. What we love about the Simply White walls, Athenian Black trim, and book pages is that it has a tailored feel while the hand painted botanical is organic in contrast.

We upgraded the bed to a plush, King pillow top complimented with Ruby Red silk pillows as pops of color to shift the energy in the space from drab to drama. The addition of a Rose Pink velvet pullout sofa, custom velvet curtains in a Berry hue, and a femme den workstation gives The Rose its finishing touches.

The Rose cabin sleeps up to four (the pullout sofa is a full size, so it's perfect for kids) and has its own private deck with seating for meals or leisure. There's a curated album collection and a record player, a writing desk and chair, a gas fireplace, an oversized soaking tub, and the best vibes!


Follow along for more updated at our hotel in Tannersville! We hope you enjoy seeing the Before and After pics as much as we do. Come visit us at Hotel Mountain Brook in the Catskills to experience the vibe yourself.

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Escape the hustle & bustle of city life and come visit us at Hotel Mountain Brook - your next upstate destination awaits.

Thank you for reading,

The Mountain Brook Team

Looking to come back to town? Try staying at one of our sister properties upstate in East Chatham and Woodstock with {verdigreen} hotels .

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